What I Loved About the Last Year – My Top Ten List for 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 sucked! In fact it may be the only thing that will ever happen in our life that everyone will agree on. But, despite the pandemic, racial unrest across the country, a political disaster, and an economic rollercoaster that will take more years than any of us will be alive to recover from, there were good things that happened this year. I want to take a moment to be thankful for the top ten things I loved about 2020.

  • My health, and the health of my loved ones. More time with my family!! I couldn’t decide which was #1 so I combined these two.
  • I started a garden, which I’ve wanted to do for years.
  • Local farms! Meat, eggs, veggies, milk, ice cream, fruit & butter are all better from local farms. If you haven’t checked out what your local farmer has to offer, I strongly encourage you to do so.
  • Comfy shoes – need I say more?
  • Online workouts. Created out of desperation but likely to stay around for years to come. On demand, when they fit into my schedule. There now truly is no excuse not to exercise.
  • A frog in one of my garden containers. He made me smile every time I saw him. So cute!
  • Swimming with friends in the ocean, socially distant of course.
  • An eagle that made our dock his home for a few days this summer. Amazing!
  • Schitt’s Creek and the Queen’s Gambit
  • Zoom! I have love hate relationship with Zoom but it helped me continue to work and stay connected with family I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

When we look back on the past twelve months, I hope we remember more than just masks, hand sanitizers, quarantine and fear. Instead, consider the time we spent with those closest to us. Appreciate the renewed focus and reliance on local businesses and community. Be thankful, and a bit in awe, for the technology that kept us all connected and allowed the development of vaccines at an unprecedented pace. If this pandemic had hit even a few years earlier, the outcomes would have been very different. We should not lose sight of that.

I looked back with an eye to the positive to identify what I loved about the last year. Try to do the same. Don’t let 2020 steal your joy!

What did you love about the last year?

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