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15 Unique Tips to Host a Stress Free Thanksgiving for a Crowd

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I love the food, the family time, decorating and setting out my good serving dishes! Every year I look forward to it but it feels even more special this year after Covid 19 and quarantine...Read More

5 Ways Grandparents can Help with Remote Learning

The Coronavirus pandemic disrupted economic and social systems developed over decades to support the competing needs of career, family, and education. The education system is largely unable to safely teach our children full time in physical classrooms which means remote...Read More

The Importance of Trying New Things in Midlife & Beyond

If you’re like most people, your life is pretty routine. You probably do the same things day after day and stay within your comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s normal. It is nature’s way of keeping...Read More

Quick and Easy Sweet Pickled Summer Vegetable Relish

I am excited to share this guest post with you from Jenny deRemer. This is my first guest post and I want to thank Jenny for joining us and sharing one of her delicious Southern recipes with all of you!...Read More

A Socially Distant July 4th Barbecue

It's summer and that means Fourth of July barbecues. As the temperature rises, you can smell burgers cooking on grills everywhere you go. Who doesn't love a good BBQ? But can we have a socially distant July 4th barbecue? I'm...Read More

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