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13 Thanksgiving Traditions to Start this Year

Thanksgiving traditions are not what they used to be. My childhood Thanksgiving was more formal than today's version. In some ways, it's a nice change because it reduces the pressure and stress that can come with a formal occasion. On...Read More

15 Unique Tips to Host a Stress Free Thanksgiving for a Crowd

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I love the food, the family time, decorating and setting out my good serving dishes! Every year I look forward to it but it feels even more special this year after Covid 19 and quarantine...Read More

10 Important Social Lessons (hopefully) Learned from Covid-19

There are many lessons to learn from Covid-19. It reshaped our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined a few months ago. Things that we took for granted such as readily available groceries and medical supplies, a job to go...Read More

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