10 Signs You Might be a Type A Woman

Type A personalities are thought of as ambitious, organized, workaholics. They’re usually, though certainly not always, outgoing, social, and efficient people. They walk fast, talk fast, and are get-things-done individuals. I’m guessing, since you’re reading this post, that you are a Type A woman, or suspect you are. Here are ten signs you might be a Type A woman.

You were a bossy kid

Were you called “bossy” when you were a child? Perhaps you still are? Bossiness in childhood can be an indicator of a Type A personality. Your innate need to control a situation, and make sure things are done exactly as they should be, rears its head early in life and snaps at your playmates. If you were a bossy kid, you’re likely a Type A.

You have no tolerance for a lack of punctuality

Imagine you’re meeting a friend for lunch at noon. You arrive at the restaurant a few minutes before 12:00, early enough to ensure you’re not late but not so early that you’re wasting time.

At exactly 12:00, you look at your watch (oh yeah, you own a watch). You start searching for your friend. Maybe she already sat down.


12:03 you start pacing.

12:05 you want to leave and cancel the whole thing. You can’t stand around and waste time like this.

clock showing 12:00

Slow people push your buttons

I hate things that move too slow.

Can you relate to this scene? You’re in a line at a checkout counter at your local supermarket. The guy at the register is dragging items over the scanner as if each one weighs 20 lbs. Sometimes he manages to pass it over the actual reader but too frequently he misses and has to do it again. At the same time he’s navigating this task, he is talking to a friend in another aisle about some completely trivial thing that slows him down even further.

The first time he misses an item and has to redo it, I cringe. The second time I start drumming my fingers on the nearest flat surface. The third time, it takes all of my self control to not tell him to stop jibber-jabbering and process the damn order.

Sometimes I leave my cart and walk away.

Emergency kits are on your annual checklist

Everyone knows you should have an emergency kit in your home and your car. You’re supposed to stock it, check it annually, and rotate out expired supplies.

We all know this is important yet many people never seem to get around to it.

Not only do you have a well stocked emergency kit that could sustain your family for weeks, you also look forward to the task of checking the contents and stocking it up with newly found safety items.

You’ve even considered giving emergency kits as house warming gifts.

If you never thought about it before, you’re thinking about it now!

You interrupt and talk over other people

There is nothing as frustrating as listening to someone go on and on about a topic that could have been completed in a quarter of the time.

You try to wait but, frankly, you already know what they’re going to say and it’s just taking too long.

So you finish the sentence for them, talk over them, or interrupt to make your point.

You don’t like when others don’t follow the plan

When you have a party, or host an event, you plan every detail. You divvy up tasks and carefully assign the right task to the right person. You make a menu and distribute the cooking to a few qualified friends, or, more likely, cook it all yourself.

Then someone shows up with unplanned food.

Your immediate response isn’t to be grateful. Instead, you’re furious. They are messing with your dinner plan. Their dish doesn’t fit with the menu, is too close to something else you’ve already cooked, or simply wasn’t planned.

You want to throw it in the trash.

This may be a sign that you’re a Type A woman.

You always follow recipes

Do you read recipes?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve made the meal once or a hundred times. When it’s time to cook, you check the recipe. You want to be sure that the proportions are correct, that it tastes exactly as expected. If you can’t find the recipe, you make something else.

recipe with a wooden spoon on it

You need a project – always

Can you think of any extended time in your life when you didn’t have too much to do? When you find that you have blocks of free time, what do you do with it?

Read a book?

Relax and do nothing?

Put your feet up and daydream?

Nope, you start a project. You always at last one in the works, if not several. It’s your idea of fun.

Work gives you satisfaction

You’ve always felt lucky that you like to work. Many people hate their job and dread going in everyday.

You get satisfaction from your career. In fact, you try to work at least a little bit everyday. People ask why you do it and what you can do to “fix it” but the fact is that there is nothing wrong with your desire to work (within reason).

Secretly you wonder if some people who don’t like to work are just lazy.

You love your planner

You look forward to ordering your new planner every year. If it can be combined with nice pencils and crisp new notebooks, even better!

It is the same feeling that you experienced as a child with new school supplies. You look at the blank sheets, filled with possibility, and feel the freshly sharpened lead on the page. You smile.

Every Type A person is, of course, unique. These are just a few examples from my life of things that may be signs that you’re a Type A woman. If you want to learn more, try this brief test from Psychology Today.

Comment below if you have other examples you’d like to share or if you found this helpful.

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