Habits of Type A Women

Type A personalities tend to get a bad rap. But, many of the “bad” habits of type a women are the personality traits that make them successful.

If you were to list the personality traits of Type A women it will likely include efficiency, ambition, organization and impatience. These are cut-to-the-chase, get-things-done, people.

I am a type A woman.

A friend of mine recently described my approach to things as being “mean Mommy”, you know she loves you but she wags her finger at you and is a no nonsense kinda gal. I’ve thought about this a lot and she’s right.

But It’s not all bad. The traits and habits that make me come across from time to time as “mean Mommy” are the same ones that have made me successful in my career, allow me to juggle far more in a day or week than most people, and make me a person that friends and family turn to when they need someone they can count on to get it done! Being a type A woman is mixed bag.

What are some habits of Type A women?

Here’s a short list of some of the common habits of type A women.

To do lists

habits of type a women

This is surely the hallmark giveaway that you might be a type A woman. We love our to-do lists! I have personal lists, work lists, lists for the market, gifts, house projects to be done, holiday plans, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I love my lists!


I am not a “go with the flow” person, though I am working on it. I’m much more comfortable when I know what is going to happen next and can plan ahead for any possible contingencies. I PLAN EVERYTHING! This particular habit drives my hubby nuts. It’s one of the most well known personality traits of type A women.

He thinks nothing of inviting a dozen or so people over the house to watch a football game with no plan, no menu, no thought about seating and timing.

He just “wings it”.

This is a type A person’s worst nightmare! I need a plan – Who is coming? When? Do I know them all? What am I cooking? Is anyone else brining food? Will there be enough? Too much? What about paper products? And the list goes on. Not until I nail down these details can I possibly enjoy the game – which I can’t sit down and actually enjoy because I’m running around like a crazy woman making sure details are in order.

Type A women take safety very seriously

Women with this personality profile tend to be a bit obsessed with safety. We think about safety, plan for emergencies, and worry about catastrophe striking those we love. This can be a good thing but can also become too much. Personally, I can imagine every possible dangerous outcome to any situation – and plan for it!

They interrupt others

I try, really hard, to patiently wait while others speak. But, sometimes, it’s tough.

This is especially the case when the speaker takes too long to get to the point or adds unnecessary tangential information. For goodness sake, get to the point!! If I know what someone is going to say and they’re taking too long to say it, I’ll often interrupt and finish their sentence. I know, rude – but efficient.

Type A women walk fast and talk fast

Personality traits of type a women

Do you remember the moving “Baby Boom” from the late eighties? In the film, Diane Keaton’s character is a highly ambitious advertising executive who finds herself thrust into parenthood when a long lost cousin dies and leaves the care and raising of her toddler daughter to Keaton.

There’s a scene in the movie when Keaton is pushing a baby carriage down a busy street, bustling with men and women in suits, all rushing to their jobs. Keaton begins racing with the baby carriage to try to keep up with the crowd, a group she would have easily outrun prior to finding herself as a mother.

She was clearly a Type A woman.

We walk fast, talk fast, think fast, and change quickly. We don’t stay in place for long and are typically several steps ahead of everyone else in the room – except of course for other type A women.

Puzzles, problems, and other challenges

Who doesn’t love a challenging problem or puzzle? Well, 50% of the population, the type Bs. But to a type A, this is fun!! Give the type A in your life a mystery or puzzle to solve and you’ll see them dig in and start to tear it apart, not likely to stop until it’s solved.

We believe the world is logical and that every problem has a solution, you just have to figure it out.

It’s a nail biter

All of this focus and drive can lead to anxiety and stress. This often results in stress behaviors such as nail biting, drinking, and not sleeping. If this applies to you, try to find other outlets for your stress and learn to sleep to avoid some of the long term negative health impacts of stress related habits.

Spreadsheets for all!!

Type A women have many uses for a spreadsheet that go well beyond financial needs. I use spreadsheets to track household maintenance dates, keep track of birthdays and anniversaries, manage holiday menus and plans, keep a Christmas card list, store addresses, and many other non-financial purposes.

There is just something satisfying about a good spreadsheet!

Lifelong learning

I never stop learning. I consider it one of my strengths. I’m always taking a class, going to conferences, reading a book, listening to a podcast, researching a topic of interesting, or engaging in other learning opportunities. I’m addicted to learning new things.

When I look back on my life I can clearly see that I lean on learning when faced with difficulty. At each time in my history when I had a major crisis, I went back to school. After all, doesn’t everyone need MORE work when they’re already in crisis???

It seems crazy but I see the same pattern in my Type A friends. We take comfort in knowledge.

Other habits of Type A women

It would be foolish to say, or even suggests, that all women with a type A personality have all the same traits or that they are exactly the same. But, I think it’s fair to say that many of us share these habits. What other Type A habits have your experienced?

Do you think you might be a Type A women? Read more here….

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