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Quick and Easy Sweet Pickled Summer Vegetable Relish

I am excited to share this guest post with you from Jenny deRemer. This is my first guest post and I want to thank Jenny for joining us and sharing one of her delicious Southern recipes with all of you!...Read More

Mid and Late Career Women May Hold the Power to End Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

How can you help the next generation of women to stomp out gender bias? It's 2020 and women make up almost half of the workforce. We are graduating with college and graduate degrees at a faster rate than men. We...Read More

10 Important Social Lessons (hopefully) Learned from Covid-19

There are many lessons to learn from Covid-19. It reshaped our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined a few months ago. Things that we took for granted such as readily available groceries and medical supplies, a job to go...Read More

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