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Do you suffer from a lack of motivation in midlife?

Many women find it hard to get motivated in midlife but they don't know why. There are, of course, lots of different reasons but there are some common themes and at least two surprising reasons for a lack of motivation...Read More

Staying Social and Engaged in Midlife and Beyond

People with active social lives enjoy a better quality of life, recover from illness quicker, are happier, and live longer, according to multiple studies. The Health Resources & Services Administration says that loneliness "can be as damaging to health as...Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Hosting a Wine Tasting at Home

Staying social and engaged in midlife doesn't have to be difficult. This beginner's guide to hosting a wine tasting at home is the first in an ongoing series highlighting fun activities to do with friends and family. We all get...Read More

5 Ways Grandparents can Help with Remote Learning

The Coronavirus pandemic disrupted economic and social systems developed over decades to support the competing needs of career, family, and education. The education system is largely unable to safely teach our children full time in physical classrooms which means remote...Read More

The Importance of Trying New Things in Midlife & Beyond

If you’re like most people, your life is pretty routine. You probably do the same things day after day and stay within your comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s normal. It is nature’s way of keeping...Read More

5 Crafting Alternatives to the Chain Stores

Whether you've been a life-long crafter or you're a newbie who just picked up crafting while stuck at home, you'll quickly learn that gathering supplies for your crafts is a big-ole pain in the neck. You run from store to...Read More

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