30 Homemade Halloween Ideas for Quarantine

I love Halloween!! It’s always been much more than the trick-or-treating for me. I love the decorations, the games, and the fabulous treats. Halloween in 2020 will be different but it can still be wonderful!! Check out this year’s favorite homemade Halloween ideas for quarantine, or anytime, to make the holiday shine. You can click on any picture for more detail.

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Halloween decorations

One of my favorite parts of every holiday is decorating my house. I look for any excuse to pull out the seasonal décor and deck the house for the occasion!! I search for unique items and try to support small businesses when possible. Here’s a list of this year’s finds to help you get your spook on!

Halloween Prints and Wall Art

Decorative prints can change the look and feel of a home. These spooky (and delightful!) prints will make your home spookerific! From witches to crows to skeletons, there is something to scare anyone!

Bats, bats, and more bats!

Nothing says Halloween like bats – well, except maybe witches, ghosts, candy… but I like bats so go with it! Indoor bats, outdoor bats, all around anywhere bats! Easy to hang, homemade, and fun, they’ll decorate any spot inside your home or in your yard.

Halloween garlands and banners

A decorative and seasonal themed garland or banner can turn any nook in your home into a Halloween inspired space.

Hallway and entryway Halloween decorations

Don’t forget your hallways and entryways when decorating. A few strategically placed Halloween decorations will put you in the right frame of mind when you walk through the front door. These creepy life sized skeletons will surely give you nightmares!

Creepy Halloween soaps

Never overlook spooking out your guests when they visit your bathroom. This collection of fun, Halloween themed soaps, will surely do the trick. Leave a finger soap in your sink and see what reactions you get!

Halloween gifts for children

Halloween gifts are always fun but even more this year when parties and trick-or-treating may not happen. I absolutely love this Halloween teddy bear and am getting one for my grandson 🙂

Halloween hair accessories

Scrunchies are back! You need to pickup these Halloween scrunchies for your favorite little witch or check out these hair ties and sparkly bat bows.

Halloween games

Halloween games are a great way to enjoy the holiday with your favorite little ones and an escape room is a great way to start! I’m glad to see the escape room craze didn’t pass the little ones by.

The variety of Halloween games available ensures there is something for everyone. Here are some of my favorites.

Homemade Halloween treats

You can’t go wrong with home made Halloween treats! Whether you’re baking cookies, making muffins, or cupcakes, these Halloween inspired baking essentials will make your treats spooky good!

Halloween trick-or-treat signs

If you’re sitting out trick-or-treat this year, there’s a sign for that. If you’re participating, use these Halloween signs to remind your local ghosts and ghouls to stay six feet apart and be safe!

Surely this year won’t be a typical Halloween. But, with these homemade Halloween ideas for quarantine, you’re sure to have a spooktacular time!!

Read on here for many more Halloween inspired ideas from wreaths, to costumes, art, Halloween nails and more!!


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